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Westlund, Savannah.jpg

Savannah Westlund

Piccolo Section Leader

Savannah is a senior from Bothell, Washington and is majoring in Earth & Space Sciences. This will be her 4th year in the Husky Marching Band.

Yee, Jenna.jpg

Jenna Yee

Piccolo Section Leader

Jenna is a senior from Seattle, Washington majoring in Physiology. This will be her 4th year in the Husky Marching Band. Her favorite pep band tune is Johnny Q and her favorite HMB memory is either performing in Disneyland for the Rose Bowl or playing Celebration at her first Volleyball Band game (with her parents watching). In addition to HMB, Jenna enjoys photography and playing volleyball.


Amanda O'Brien

Clarinet Section Leader

Amanda is a 5th year from Sammamish, WA studying Psychology and minoring in Music. Her favorite HMB tunes are Polynesian Paralysis and Take on Me, and she will never forget hearing the crowd yell “Tequila!” during the band’s performance at the Rose Bowl. She spends her free time drinking tea and doing yoga. She is so excited for another year in leadership, especially now that the band family is performing together once again!

Shaw, Bailey.jpg

Bailey Shaw

Clarinet Section Leader

Bailey is a senior from Lake Tahoe, California and studying international studies with minors in environmental studies and history. In her free time she likes volunteering at the U District Food Bank and the UW farm and enjoys all the parks in Seattle. Her favorite pep tune from HMB is Radar Love and she will always remember marching in the Rose Parade. She is looking forward to experiencing band in person again!

Franks, Nick.jpg

Nicholas Franks

Alto Saxophone Section Leader

Nick is a senior from Camarillo, CA and is currently in his third year in the Music Education program at the UW School of Music. He also plays alto in the UW Wind Ensemble and various instruments in the Campus and Concert Bands. His favorite memory in the band is marching the five-and-half mile Rose Bowl Parade in 2019, and his favorite HMB tune is Runaway Baby. When he’s not marching, he spends his free time listening to, playing, arranging, and writing music for himself and others. Nick is looking forward to sticking with the Huskies and leading the sax section through an exciting year back in person!

Baquian, Melia.jpg

Melia Baquian

Tenor Saxophone Section Leader

Melia is from Kirkland, Washington, and a junior at the University of Washington studying entrepreneurship. She is going into her third year with the Husky Marching Band and cannot wait for the next year, especially meeting the incoming class. Her favorite HMB tunes are Johnny’s Mambo and Polynesian Paralysis. Melia’s favorite HMB memory is a Fourth of July gig where the pep band took a ferry to San Juan Island. Outside of band, she enjoys spending time with family and dogs, learning to salsa dance, and playing soccer. Melia cannot wait for the upcoming year with the section, band, and the new members! Go Dawgs!

Evans, Marcus.jpg

Marcus Evans

Trumpet Section Leader

Marcus is a senior from Seattle, Washington and is majoring in Applied Music. This will be his 4th year in the Husky Marching Band.

Noble, Rachel_edited_edited.jpg

Rachel Noble

Trumpet Section Leader

Rachel is from Newcastle, Washington and is returning for her fourth year in the band. She is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in Communications. Her favorite pep tune that she loves to play and dance to is Polynesian Paralysis! Outside of HMB, she loves exploring Seattle and finding all of the best restaurants with friends. She’s looking forward to having a leadership role in band and making new memories in the upcoming year!

Rottersman, Maria.jpg

Maria Rottersman

Mellophone Section Leader

Maria is a senior from Naperville, Illinois majoring in Plant Biology with a Music Minor. This is her fourth year in Husky Marching Band. Her favorite HMB tune is Johnny Q, and her favorite HMB memory is playing in Disneyland in 2018. In her free time, Maria does research in the Strömberg Lab at UW. Maria is incredibly excited to have the band back together and is grateful to be on the leadership team. She looks forward to creating new memories with her band family!

Ko, Emily_edited.jpg

Emily Ko

Trombone Section Leader

Emily is a senior from Issaquah, Washington and is majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Diversity. This will be her 4th year in the Husky Marching Band.


Ethan Pyke

Trombone Section Leader

Ethan is a senior from Lynnwood, Washington and is majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Music. This will be his 4th year in the Husky Marching Band.

Reed, Seth.jpg

Seth Reed

Baritone Section Leader

Seth Reed grew up in a military family, so his hometown is hard to pinpoint. He graduated from high school in Spokane, Washington, and now he is a senior studying Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at the University of Washington. Seth’s favorite pep tune is Neck (when we’re winning, of course), and his favorite HMB memory was going to the Rose Bowl his freshman year. He is very excited to be given the opportunity of leading the Baritone Section and is looking forward to making many new friends and memories with the Husky Marching Band! Go Dawgs!


Keanu Vestil

Sousaphone Section Leader

Originally from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, Keanu is a 5th year in the band and a graduate student studying computer science. They love vertical playhouses and their favorite HMB tune is Johnny Q. When they’re not doing band, Keanu enjoys working as a computer security consultant, learning new languages, playing rhythm games, and cooking. They are looking forward to meeting new members and passing on the history and traditions of the sousaphone section.

Brennan, Forrest.jpg

Forrest Brennan

Drumline Section Leader

Forrest Brennan is a senior for Marrowstone Island, Washington majoring in Cloud Computing. This will be his 6th year in the Husky Marching Band.


Alex Mok

Snare Sub-Section Leader

Alex Mok is from Shoreline, Washington and is returning for his fourth year with the band! He hopes to major in Music Education. His favorite HMB tune is Radar Love and his favorite memory with the band is being able to march the Rose Parade! Outside of band, Alex is a competitive gamer and has a love for computers and tech. He looks forward to his leadership position and can’t wait for an amazing year of band! Go Dawgs!


Sam Rich

Bass Drum Sub-Section Leader

Sam Rich is from Stanwood, Washington and is returning as Bass Drum Sub-Section Leader for the third year. He is a fifth-year student studying Industrial and Systems Engineering. Sam’s favorite HMB tune is a tie between Johnny’s Mambo and Neck. His favorite HMB memory is the Disneyland performance at the 2019 Rose Bowl. Apart from HMB, Sam’s hobbies include football, PC building/gaming, and binging Marvel movies. He’s excited for another year in leadership and looks forward to a successful senior year!


Haley Riggs

Cymbal Sub-Section Leader

Haley Riggs is an Applied Mathematics major from Seattle, Washington. She is returning for her third year in the Husky Marching Band. Haley’s favorite HMB tune is Africano and her favorite memory with the band is performing at the Las Vegas Bowl. Her favorite hobbies include mindful coloring, exercising, and baking. Haley is thankful to be part of the Husky Marching Band and is excited to be in a leadership role. Go Dawgs!


Will Fantry

Cymbal Sub-Section Leader

Will Fantry is a senior from Seattle, Washington majoring in Music. This will be his 5th year in the Husky Marching Band.

Section Leader FAQ:

Q: Who is eligible to become section leader?

A: Any member of the band who has completed one full year as a marching member is eligible to interview for a section leader position.

Q: When are section leader interviews?

A: Section leader interviews are generally held in February and March, with section leaders being announced at the Spring Game in late April.

Q: How long is a section leader chosen for?

A: Each section leader serves one full year, beginning when they are announced to the band in April at the Spring Game.

Q: Can you be section leader for more than one year?

A: Yes, section leaders can serve more than one year, however they must re-interview each year as the position is a one year term.

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