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Our Senior Staff team is a group of dedicated educators and supporters, who are either full-time/part-time employees of the University of Washington, or dedicated Volunteers. 


Our Student Staff team is a group of students who have served at least one year in the band as a marching member. They have applied for and been appointed to their leadership positions for a one year term. 


Our Section Leaders are a group of musicians who each have been selected to lead their fellow musicians and successfully direct and teach their section of the band. They are appointed for one year terms following an audition and interview process.

Who We Are

The University of Washington Husky Marching Band (HMB) is a 240-member ensemble utilizing the traditional chair-step and toe-point style of marching. The HMB is a year-round ensemble that actively participates in supporting all of the Universities' 20 athletic teams. Current members participate during the fall to help support Husky Football at each home football game, and even select away games. Selected members also have the chance to support other sports such as Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Rowing and even some Golf and Gymnastics! The HMB is also a used as a valuable community promoter for the University of Washington, making appearances for local businesses, non-profit/charitable organizations, professional sporting events, and participating in events such as the annual Seafair Torchlight Parade.

Our History

To learn more about our history and our motto "a Touch of Class", please visit our History page.

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